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Born in Thailand, James Prapaithong is an artist currently living and studying in London. He graduated from Wimbledon College of Arts in 2019 and is now studying for his master degree in painting at the Royal College of Art. 


Artist’s statement

All places have histories and every corner of the world holds memories. It is in our nature that we desire to be remembered, yet we constantly forget and leave behind the moments we once held dear. These moments now exist only as memories, within places where we have no guarantee of returning, waiting to be brought back and re-visited once more. My paintings are reminiscent of places that exist in each and every one of our memories and the lingering sentiment that lies within. They are intended to create flashbacks and remind us of precious moments in our lives that we may have forgotten once we have moved on.


Commonly romanticised elements of the natural world such as water, the moon and the stars, become an essential part of my oeuvre, used as both aesthetic devices to explore light within the picture, and as visual metaphors for nostalgia, yearning and a need for shared experience and true connection.



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